torna all’Indice e Account Direct Mail

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Changing your Direct Mail account password

You can change the password to your Direct Mail account.

  1. Choose Direct Mail > Direct Mail Account from the menu bar
  2. Locate the settings titled “Password & Security” and click the “Change” button
  3. Enter your old password
  4. Enter your new password in both new password fields
  5. Click "Change Password"

If you have signed in to your Direct Mail account from other devices (like other Macs using Direct Mail, or an iOS device using Stamps), changing your password will not automatically sign out those devices. You can use the Account Activity section of your account control panel to see what devices are signed in to your account and, if you want, sign out those devices.

Using strong passwords

If you like, Direct Mail can suggest a strong password for you to use. Just click the “key” icon in the new password field. You do not have to use the suggested password and can provide your own, if you like. If you do accept the suggested password, Direct Mail will save it securely in your macOS Keychain (where it can be looked up later, if needed).

The benefits of using a strong password include:

  • Extremely difficult for an attacker to guess
  • Not reused across other websites or apps
  • Unique to you

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