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Pausing an autoresponder

You can pause an autoresponder at any time. If a triggering event occurs while your autoresponder is paused, no emails are sent (and your account is not billed). However, if you ever start your autoresponder again, you will be given the option to send any emails that have been queued up waiting to go.

To pause an autoresponder:

  1. Choose Window > Autoresponders from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  2. Select your autoresponder from the list on the left
  3. Click the pause icon in the top-right corner of the window

If you ever remove your Direct Mail project from the cloud, your autoresponders will be paused automatically.

Autoresponders that are paused due to errors

There are some situations where your autoresponder may be paused for you. When that happens, you will receive an email notification and your autoresponder will be listed as "Paused" in Direct Mail. Reasons your autoresponder may be paused include:

  • Your email credit balance is insufficient to continue sending emails. To remedy this problem, purchase additional email credits. Your autoresponder will restart automatically.
  • Billing issues like an expired credit card or a declined charge. To remedy this problem, update your account's billing information. Choose Direct Mail > Direct Mail Account from the menu bar at the top of the screen, scroll to Billing Plan, and click Update Payment Information.
  • Your account is disabled. To remedy this problem, contact Direct Mail support to find out why your account is disabled and how you can get it back online.

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