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About modern vs. legacy templates

Direct Mail 5 includes an all new template editor and a brand new gallery of modern templates. However, in order to preserve compatibility with messages that were created in older versions, Direct Mail also includes all templates from Direct Mail version 4 and earlier. We call these "legacy" templates, in order to easily differentiate between the two types.

About modern templates

Here are some of the advantages of the new, modern templates:

  • 100% customizable. You can customize every aspect of the template's layout, color scheme, and font selection.
  • 100% responsive. Every template created using the new editor is guaranteed to look great on a variety of screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.
  • Great email client compatibility. Templates created using the new editor will render consistently and cleaning across a wide variety of email clients, including Outlook, which is notoriously difficult to work with.
  • Easy to personalize. In addition to mail-merge tags, you can make entire sections of your message appear to disappear based on the recipient and/or what kind of device the recipient is using to view your email. No coding or complicated if/else tags to deal with.

About legacy templates

Legacy templates continue to work exactly as they have before in previous versions of Direct Mail. If you are currently using a legacy template to send your emails, there is no problem with continuing to use that template if you'd rather not switch. Legacy templates are much more limited in what customizations are available, and may not render as nicely across various email clients and screen sizes.

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